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Pregnancy  and
Baby Massage

For Babies, small  children, Parents  and Carers

If you are pregnant after the 3rd month, there is no problem in getting a massage.

Gestures are part of human communication. When the babies still can't talk, they use non-verbal elements to communicate with the outer world. Baby and infant massage helps to strengthen that communication.

This old Indian technique, where is transmitted from generation to generation, has also benefits in the different systems of the organism.

Pregnancy and baby Massage. Wellness Massage and treatments with May in Munich

Toddler and baby massage promotes affective and emotional bonding between the carer and the child and has a positive effect on the physical well-being of the child.
CNS (Central Nervous System): Touch is the sense used by the newborn to receive information about its external environment (so babies try to grab and hold anything).
Massage improves the ability to receive stimuli.

Massage releases emotional and muscular nodes and makes the body strong and flexible. The muscles of the body are stimulated and relaxed. For premature babies, massage helps gently and gradually expand the tolerance of touch. In such a case, it is of particular importance to "listen" to the baby and to follow the rhythm of his reactions.

Many studies confirm the benefits of loving contact as an essential element of the first years of life, and when this attention fails, there are unfortunate results. Infant massage is one of the most pleasurable and easy methods to make this first positive and affectionate contact.

In addition, the massage regulates respiration and excretion and stimulates the hormonal system by causing the release of growth hormone. The skin is better supplied with blood and with nutrients and energized.

How does Baby Massage help us?


Our rhythm of life often leaves us no time to communicate, and such a rhythm overwhelms our children and makes it difficult for them to process the various impressions and information in accordance with their age. Infant massage can help to stimulate parent-child contact and facilitate interaction while stimulating the nervous system, breathing, digestion and endocrine system. The massage relaxes and relieves tension and intensifies the understanding between children and the people around them, allowing them to listen, adapt and be more in touch with their own needs. Infant massage promotes the child's attachment to its basic elements: eye contact, skin contact, smiles, sounds, hugs, smells, voice and response.



Benefits of Baby and Toddler Massage:

* Relaxation.
* Makes baby feel loved.
* Promotes better sleep.
* Facilitates body awareness.
* Boosts immune system.
* Sensory stimulation.
* Improves skin condition.
* Improves blood circulation.
* Helps digestion.
* Balances respiration.
* Relief for teething pains.
* Helps waste elimination.
* Helps you learn about your baby (their needs and desires).
* Relaxes parents.
* Helps build parents' and baby's self-esteem.
* Pleasurable experience.

* Stimulates the production of oxytocin (a hormone that can be produced during massage and that is useful to reduce pain and has a calming effect on the person).

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